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Our values and work philosophy is to work in good faith, building trust in relationships so that it is mutually beneficial for our customer and us.

Our actions are guided by integrity and respect for our costumers, suppliers, partners and each other.

We offer a diverse range of cranes, Certified Operator Hoisting Engineer and Crane rental.

We offer expert personnel evaluation based on the costumer's need, in order select the appropriate equipment required to complete the job in the most economical, timely and safe manner.

We look forward to welcome you as our client and providing you with quality service at discounted prices. 

We supply tower crane operators. We rent Boom Trucks up to 35 tons with 24’ trailer rental as well as Self Erecting Cranes. We supply and rent power generators for self-erecting cranes. 35 ton boom truck reach the height of up to 167 feet. Self erecting cranes are environment friendly, pollution free and operate quietly. In less than one hour the crane can be setup and put to work. The crane can operate easily anywhere on site, quick set up.

All equipment is inspected daily by hoisting engineers; all equipment is inspected annually by independent professional engineers. Equipment are available for rental by Daily, Weekly or Monthly. We can supply you with a Certified Hoisting Engineer if required, (Crane Operators). We offer No minimum hourly rentals, No overtime rate charge, No fuel surcharge for our 35 ton boom truck.


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